About us

Dotcom River

Dotcom River has been executing individual projects for European companies since 2008. We develop the internet, intranet and mobile solutions with the use of the latest technologies and providing for the current consumer trends. Our applications have streamlined daily operations of the Polish and German online shops, financial and postal services, certification authorities and interactive agencies.

We are the Internet Software House. It means we conduct every project from the scratch: we analyse, plan, test, deploy and integrate. Our primary goal is to create a sure-fire solution that lets you sleep peacefully, while generating profits. The flexibility of our solutions is also crucial for us. We know how important it is to make software that can be functionally expanded with no hassle at any time the need arises.

Why us?

We have been into web apps development for years

eksperci eCommerce Advanced internet solutions are our forte. In particular those based on AdWords and Facebook APIs, designed to streamline eMarketing activities and boost eCommerce performance. Our specific knowledge of the internet market trends is shared in the official eCommerce Poland Report that we regularly co-edit with esteemed business experts and trade partners. Each issue delivers the latest stats, analyses and articles about the Polish eCommerce status and key tendencies.

We provide optimal solutions to your business

optymalne rozwiązania We don’t restrict only to the implementation of the bespoken or commissioned software. We try to understand our clients’ priorities and long term goals to deliver the quality of service they expect.

We secure your investment

bezpieczeństwo inwestycji Owing to the Scrum methodology we use, the application being produced can be launched and reclaimed even at the very early development stages. This indicates if the right directives had been undertaken and let us instantly adjust the strategy to the project priorities.

Quality is our highest priority

jakość We never make compromises in terms of quality of our products since the satisfaction of our client is our number one concern.

We are fully aware of our capabilities and limitations

rozsądek We never agree to put our clients at risk. We follow a simple philosophy: never pretend something you are not, so we agree to take on only those projects and tasks that are not beyond our scope.

Our products are valued on the market

cenione produkty Our proprietary software Buily Product Ads has been acclaimed by Polish experts and investors the most innovative business project in 2012. The application was granted 5 million zloty in the national competition run by BBI Seed Fund Capital. The project has already been utilized by over 200 online shops and we constantly develop it to suit the needs of both small as well as the biggest eCommerce services.

We are open-minded and full of fresh ideas

otwarte umysły Despite our long-term practice, we never get stuck in a rut. We like to keep up with the new technology trends and are always eager to learn and broad our horizons.

We are within your reach

dostępni We are based in Poland, but the distance and language are not a barrier for us. In the age of fast transportation, we can easily arrange a meeting all over Europe or set up an intercontinental Skype conference to discuss your business needs live.

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