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Piotr Jarosz

Piotr Jarosz
eCommerce Poland 2013

Poland is the fastest growing eCommerce market in the EU, with the average eCommerce growth 25% year-on-year. Because of the rapid growth, stable economy and strategic geaographic location, many western companies seek to expand their e-businesses to the Polish market. Auchan and E.Leclerc or the UK-based Tesco have recently enabled Polish customers to buy their products online. German established companies, such as Trusted Shops or Sofort Banking have already entered Polish eCommerce market, followed by popular e-shops: West Wing, Zalando, Otto or Conrad.

(...) the biggest and brightest opportunities for prosperity in the Polish eCommerce market are just ahead of us. This report is an executive summary of our multi-year study and presents the key aspects of Polish eCommerce. I hope it will shed light on lucrative business opportunities and help you to asses your organizations potential for entering this market.

Introduction, eCommerce Poland 2013 Executive Summary Report


Executive Summary Report

What's inside?
  • Interesting facts, figures and interviews about Polish eCommerce trends and online shops statistics. Presented data is based on a multi-year study (2009-2013) and detailed questionnares, fully completed by over 1,900 enterpreneurs and 12,000 e-consumers.
Who is it for?
  • This report delivers essential and helpful knowledge for investors and e-retailers, considering entering Polish market or already running their e-businesses in Poland.

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The study presented in the eCommerce Poland 2013 Executive Summary Report has been conducted by DotcomRiver Sp. z o. o. Partners of the study are Sofort Banking AG, Trusted Shops GmbH and Sklepy24.

Infographic from the eCommerce Poland 2013 Executive Summary Report - Key Data at a Glance.
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