Dotcom River
internet software house

We specialize in the development of advanced web applications and integration with services, such as Google Adwords, Facebook or Twitter.

From concept to launch and beyond, our creative process is always based on solving complex challenges with elegant solutions that we design from the ground up. We bring a comprehensive approach starting with concept and future proof architecture through the interface design and mockup process. We partner with our clients all the way through the programming phase and installation on their servers. We stand behind our high quality work supporting the clients to help them get maximum value from their investment moving forward.

Uncompromising quality and efficiency in our project development comes as a result of utilizing proven design patterns as well as Test Driven Development, Domain Driven Design and Scrum methodologies. IT projects managed with the usage of Agile and Continuous Integration methodologies let our clients launch the service in the development phase. What this means for the client is that the project always is under their full control and oversight. Any and all priority adjustments as well as task deliverables can be modified and updated if necessary on the fly saving precious time and money for the client.

We have many years of experience in launching eCommerce projects. Because of this, we bring a lot to the table in terms of concrete know how and how to best optimize online efforts toward marketing and promotional strategy.


Selected clients of Dotcom River

Our solutions

Simple solutions

For us, simple solutions means reliability in software that embodies friendly use-ability while staying affordable and low maintenance.

Flexible solutions

Flexible solutions are all about modularity. We provide software that can easily be expanded to suit future needs.

Scalable solutions

Scalable solutions mean stability. Our software is designed with future growth in mind. As traffic grows your products will be well suited to meet the challenge and grow in tandem without the expense of going back to the drawing board for new solutions.

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Technologies we use

Nasze technologie
  • Languages: PHP, Java, Perl, JScript
  • Frameworks: Symfony, Hibernate
  • Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL
  • NoSQL Databases: MongoDB
  • Systems: Debian, Ubuntu
  • Servers: Apache, Tomcat, HAProxy, Varnish, Memcached, Solr, Lucene
  • Mobile: Android, iPhone, iPad
  • API: Facebook, Twitter
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