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Dagmara Kruszewska

Dagmara Kruszewska
Country Manager Poland
Sofort Banking

We are pleased to inform that we had an opportunity to use services of the company represented by Mr Piotr Jarosz, which included marketing cooperation and expert advice in the field of e-commerce.

In the future, we will certainly reach again for the expertise of Dotcom River and, moreover, we can recommend it as a company acting fairly, always fulfilling its commitments.

Trusted Shops

Trusted Shops Consulting

Trusted Shops introduction to the Polish eCommerce

Trusted Shops is the leading certification program for online shops in Europe. The company has been operating since 1999, mainly on the German market. In our opinion, Trusted Shops are the premiere service within this field in Europe, so we invited their CEO, Jean-Marc Noel to the Polish, nationwide conference "The Good Merchant" ( "Dobry Kupiec") which we organized in 2008. In 2010 we entered into cooperation with Trusted Shops, initiating introduction of their services to the Polish online market.

Specific features of the service

There are more than 70 specific Trusted Shops’ criteria involved in the examination process for online sellers, such as credit standing, terms and conditions of sale, clarity of prices, customer service and private data protection. The result of the audit determines whether the official Trusted Shops' seal of approval and seller's warranty can be given.

All of these aspects, starting from financial audits, legal adjustments and assistance, continuing on through web page implementation, marketing and cooperation with partners, had to be adopted to the specific character of the Polish market and it was our job to do this properly.

The adjustment process took about 6 months due to the project complexity and included, i.a.:

Preparation phase:

  • research of the products potential within the specific market;
  • competition analysis focused on online certification services;
  • diagnosis of affiliate providers of software dedicated for shops.

Introductory phase:

  • proofreading of the content translated for the information system, web page and marketing materials;
  • coordination of cooperation between the client’s legal department and the Polish law firm;
  • organization of the Trusted Shops Polish department.

Activation phase:

  • marketing and public relations;
  • initiating cooperation with partners;
  • obtaining the first reference group of customers certified by Trusted Shops.

Want to launch an e-Commerce service on the Polish market?

Use our know-how to conduct the process smoothly and fully benefit from your service expansion

When providing consulting services for online shops and e-services that come into the Polish market, our job is to develop and supervise the whole implementation strategy, ensuring full legal compliance and adjusting all aspects to the new market requirements. Aiming for your business success, as your consultant we take on:

  • Business potential evaluation and proper strategy development, based on in-depth business model analysis and market research. The in-depth study of specific business model against the Polish market factors and established competition allow us to make a plan and pick appropriate tools. Owing to this, your investment has a real chance to succeed.
  • Legal compliance and privacy policy verification in cooperation with leading law firms. When launching the website in a foreign market, in order to eliminate hiccups around legal non-compliance and guarantee business stability, it is essential to accurately provide terms and conditions of sale, privacy and security policy or personal data registration process in GIODO's record. This is just to name a few of the issues. We are always up to date with all these aspects and know how to 'guide' new players through them.
  • Content audit and website implementation supervision. This introductory phase involves proofreading by a native-, bilingual speaker of all the website or marketing content translated to the target language. Our experts make sure the specific terminology, descriptions, message labels or legal regulations are written in line with Polish language grammar and fully reflect the original intended meaning at the same time.
  • eCommerce system audit and A/B testing. We investigate advantages and shortcomings of the applied or future eCommerce solution, in terms of its recipients' specific needs. Usability analysis focuses on the system architecture, user experience and communication language. Improvement of these key usability components can be crucial to ensure an intended conversion rate. Many case studies confirm that a landing pages' optimization can increase sales, registrations, downloads or other desired user actions, even by a few times current rates.
  • Marketing and affiliation strategy focused on boosting users traffic, engagement, loyalty, and in result, increasing profits from your e-business. Being creators of our own systems designed for Google AdWords campaigns optimization, as well as social media applications, we have a working knowledge of effective eMarketing methods. Through the years of active operation in eCommerce sector, we have developed many valuable connections with established vendors. When introducing new esteemed services to the Polish eCommerce arena, we are able to initiate partnerships that can be prominent to their continued success.

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