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Tomas Renner Jones

Tomas Renner Jones

Dotcom River developed for Webvitamin GmbH an appliaction Social Media Suite Update-Buddy. The software was designed as a WordPress Plugin (SocialHUB) and uses Facebook and Twitter APIs to allow a scheduled content publishing, targeting and monitoring of activities within social media profiles and also provides statistics for reporting purposes.

Dotcom River demonstrates comprehensive knowledge of Facebook API and their talented developers always deliver perfection. Therefore, we will continue to rely on Dotcom River's services, especially for more complex projects.

Facebook & Twitter SocialHUB

Facebook & Twitter SocialHUB

SocialHUB is a special WordPress plugin built to manage all the PR activities on social networking sites.

Specific features of the service

SocialHUB enables managing multiple social network accounts on Facebook or Twitter simultaneously. It enhances the process of viewing, editing of and posting to multiple fan pages. The posts can be uploaded from a CSV file. They can be scheduled to be automatically published at a specific time and date. The service also allows a user to target page posts by language and location. Moreover, the application can monitor selected RSS channels in order to import upcoming news and post them on Facebook fan page or Twitter profile immediately or with a pre-determined delay.

The SocialHub plugin is equipped with a number of analytic features. It registers users’ activities, such as ‘Likes’ and provides statistics and reports that include information about their age, sex, location, language or nationality.

Functional and graphic design

Following the wish of a German client, the SocialHub was integrated with an existing website as a Wordpress plugin.

Facebook & Twitter SocialHUB screen


The plugin uses Facebook`s API and Twitter`s API. In the future it will be integrated with Google Plus.

Want to boost your marketing performance?

Use a custom application for Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus

We develop applications integrated with the most popular social network channels:

  • Facebook contest apps that increase your social capital,, e.g. by engaging them through friends recommendations, which helps your brand to go viral on the Internet (Viral Marketing) in a short span of time, gaining you thousands of new customers.
  • Giveaways and sweepstakes applications, which are popular methods of products and services promotion.
  • Facebook games and quizzes. Your own social game can spread immediately, earning clients interest and loyalty, while significantly distinguishing your brand on the market.
  • Social media management dashboard. One interface that gives access to all profiles and fan pages, generates stats and streamlines post publication on many pages at the same time. It is essential for every Social Media Specialist.
  • Mobile apps for Android and iOS, ranging from simple contest apps to advanced business apps and loyalty programs. Target at a group of over 300 mln active Facebook mobile apps users.

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