We partner with businesses toward IT system design and implementation. We develop turnkey solutions and provide our clients with custom optimized software architecture, taking into account both the reliability and scalability of the application ensuring a smart and affordable fit. We deliver mockups, conduct user experience tests, design websites or application interface and finally see the customer all the way through to installation on private servers.

Our team of experts will analyze all your requirements and propose the best solutions based on your needs, cost effectiveness and growth potential. We offer a uniquely personalized level of service. Since we are keen to recognize the unique aspects of every project, our clients can expect tailor-made solutions to match their needs and business priorities.

Internet and Intranet

IT Solutions
Reliable and efficient Internet and Intranet applications

We specialize in the development of advanced web applications. We develop highly scalable and reliable systems such as:

  • Data warehousing
  • Advertising systems
  • Advanced search engines
  • Knowledge management systems
  • GIS and GPS systems
  • Corporate websites
  • E-commerce systems

applications for
Android and iOS

Mobile applications
Innovative solutions for the most popular platforms

About 25% of Poles now own smartphones. The number of smartphone users is growing steadily and the Polish market is following American (55% of smartphone users) and British (50% smartphone users) market trends.

We are aware of these changes and help adapt to these trends. We develop advanced mobile applications for the following platforms:

  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Android smarthphones
  • Android tablets

Facebook, Twitter,
Google and other
marketing channels

Social media marketing
Integration with popular social media channels

The Internet is a network of links between web pages and web services which allows the traffic and flow of users.

To optimize free flow of high volume traffic to your services, it is imperative to employ smart integration with all platforms and services that your target market uses on a regular basis.

Our applications use the most popular standards of API's communication such as XML, JSON, SOAP, REST, etc. The same standards which are used by:

  • Facebook API
  • Twitter API
  • Google Adwords API

Technologies we use

Symfony Zend PHP Java Python PostgreSQL MySQL MongoDB Solr Lucene Varnish Apache Tomcat

Other services

Setting up Magento store: development, implementation and customisation Installation of Magento shop on server with smooth customer and transactional data migration.
Setting up Magento for multiple stores and domains.
Magento template layout customisation: setting up theme, logo, category sidebar etc.
Configuration of Magento extensions, including store integration with warehouse management, ERP, CRM and financial systems.
Development of custom Magento modules, including Magento extensions for AdWords campaigns automation from Magento panel.
Customisation of 3rd party Magento extensions.
Optimisation of complex eCommerce sites on Magento.
User-Centered-Design We offer interactive mockup design, user experience testing and professional website design.
Project management Swift project management, based on Agile and Scrum development method. A Certified Scrum Master and Product Owner will take care of your product backlog.
Privacy policy Guidelines for information systems on how to process personal data and security policy.
Search engine optimization Audit and search optimization of your website.
Security audit Analysis of IT systems security.
Server administration Server installation and system administration.
Consulting and marketing

We provide consultation toward online services deployment within the Polish market. We supervise the entire process of the product launch, from market and competition research, through adaptation to legal norms, website implementation, content proofreading, liaising with partners to performing all of the marketing and public relations consultancy services.

We feel competent at this job as we rely on our long-term experience and also on in-depth analysis and market research we conduct nationwide. For your convenience, the summary of our latest study of Polish eCommerce trends is presented in the eCommerce Poland 2013 Report.

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