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Polish eCommerce 2013 Report - Key facts and figures relevant to overseas investors

Wrocław, Poland - February 20, 2014 -

Dotcom River has published the eCommerce Poland 2013 Report, presenting current market trends and providing an economic and statistical portrait of online shops in Poland. The report illuminates the sometimes murky market factors important to foreign investors and e-retailers who plan to take advantage of the evolving and maturing eCommerce landscape in Poland.

For the past few years, worldwide experts have been pointing to the rapid development of Polish eCommerce market while drawing attention to the nearly 30% increase in its value in 2012, as compared to the previous year. Today its value is estimated at record EUR 6,5 bn, consistent with its trends of over 20% growth year to year. The growing popularity of online shopping, including mobile transactions, wider access to broadband Internet, dissemination of courier services and non-cash payments, as well as personalization of offers and a higher attention to quality of service are some of the dominant factors contributing to the fast development of eCommerce in Poland.

"Now is the optimal time to leverage the flow of observed growth trends in order to reap the rewards of current dynamic market development. In addition, Poland represents a highly strategic geographical location for logistics and facilitation of further expansion into the Eastern European and Russian market. This is a highly attractive proposition for western players seeking to expand their e-businesses into the Polish market and beyond." - says Piotr Jarosz, Editor in Chief of the Report, CEO of Dotcom River.

This Executive Summary Report is the result of a 3-year, comprehensive study, involving nearly 14 thousand Polish e-retailers and e-consumers. It focuses on a number of important questions.

What does the Polish eCommerce condition look like set against the European markets?
How often do Poles buy online and why?
What turnover is reached by e-stores and what forms of advertising do they use?
Which logistics services, payment and software solutions currently dominate the arena?

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